Interesting/important updates

I almost failed this attempt to blog, as well.. I’ve had a few busy months in the recent past – personally and professionally.. The needle moving well on both ends for now.. Touch wood and thank god.

Wondering whats kept me busy these days? Foremost, my laziness :).. Busy is always an excuse (I know ;)).. Okay, time for the updates:

Update 1:
The most interesting things in life are those that happen only once in a lifetime. What does that mean???? I am getting married (blushing blushing).. Divya, the girl my parents thought is an ideal match for me (and I signed it off later), has decided to risk her life with me :).. With hopes of a promising future, we will be joining hands on june 14th 09 and assuring the same on feb 8th ’09 (yes yaar, engagement..

Update 2:
I got a promotion recently and moved to take a new role “tech lead” from “senior software engineer”, on oct 1st 08..

Update 3:
I had to travel to Bellevue WA for 5 weeks for a product transition. This included a week of fun filled thanks giving vacation, I spent with my sister and family. I reached Bellevue on the 2nd of Nov, stayed there for 3 weeks before heading to my sister’s place. I spent one week there, came back to Bellevue, spent a week in Bellevue and now heading back to Bangalore. I will reach Bangalore in another 02 hrs 23 minutes :). (I wanted to blog about my previous trip to Sunnyvale in Sep 07, I am gonna ditch it and just say: I had more fun in the first trip and I did more work in the second). Oh yeah, pictures are worth 1000 words and u can find them at

There have been a lot of technical happenings in the time I haven’t blogged. I will try to ink (what do u call when u blog??) my thoughts about them and continue blogging from now (yet again try?????)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! Congrats Venkat uncle.. That’s really good news.. Congrats TL.. I wish I work under you.. 🙂 Welcome back to India..


  2. Congrats for everything. :).


  3. Super Kewl! Congrats! Seems like u r rocking as always! 🙂 All the very best in ur new personal and professional roles! 🙂 🙂


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