memorable b’day

Truly the most unforgettable b’day of the 24 i’ve had, so far..

The day started with wishes from Satya and sathish, along with bday bums.. It was followed by a SMS from Divi.. She had asked me to enjoy my last bachelor b’day.. Gosh, I’m excited – I am going to spend by next b’day with her :).. I called her then, we spoke for a few minutes.. I knew she had a surprise for me.. I was very eagerly waiting for the undisclosed gift.. Deepak, Mani and Priya called me after I spoke to her..

In the morning, the round of wishes were started by Narmadha and then followed by Mokan, Lakshmi, Ranjith, Pandey, Latha, Madhu, Sai and so on from the friends circle.. Dad & mom wished me, followed immediately by Malini, uncle and the kutties wished with a cute bday chorus.. Yuvraj wished me then.. My phone was busy for more than 2.5 hrs in the morning.. Ooooh!! It was great..

Reached office and a bunch of wishes were awaiting thr.. Dany called me in office and conveyed the wishes.. Divi and I spoke for a long long time.. In the team meeting, unusually I was asked to cut a cake and the celebrations were nice.. Hmmm, a new practice in the team..

Through the day, I was eagerly waiting for the card from dad/mom, gift from divi.. At around six in the evening, I got a beautiful bouquet sent by Divi and then the card from dad/mom.. The card was very very beautiful with touching words.. My photo was next to Divy’s for the first time.. I was thrilled.. The rose bouquet was awesome – first gift from divi – the gift and divi’s words in the gift card made my day..

I definitely had to thank the power above for all this.. I decided to go to the temple.. Oru kumbidu potutu spoke to dad, mom and divi.. The evening party started immediately after.. Attendance: Sathish, Satyendra, Peeps, Arun, Narmadha and Lakshmi.. After cake cutting and a round of beatings, we went for dinner.. Got calls from thatha, mama, chithi.. Should I say they blessed or wished??? After the dinner, I spoke to Divi again before going to sleep..

I can feel the relationship with Divi strengthening every minute.. I already have some plans for her b’day ;).. let me see how it works out..

I could feel the care my parents had for me.. Lovely wishes from Malini, kutties, friends and relatives..

Thanks everyone for the unforgettable moments..



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