kutti padam – vijay tv

I saw an ad in vijay tv today.. “You’ll have 1008 tasks, we won’t take up too much time. Do you have time to watch a 3 hour movie?”

Well, giving it a thought, its been years since i watched 3 hour movie completely in television channels.. Too many ads, news in between, hindrances.. Ooooh!! tough one to accept.. but, I realise its difficult to watch a 3 hr movie..

Vijay TV has started a programme named “Kutti padam”. The unnecessary/boring parts of a movie are cut and the movie is shortened to a one hr movie. Hmmm, nice idea. But I doubt how the continuity would be. Are there 2 hrs of crap in a movie?? I haven’t had a chance to see a kutti padam yet, will write my comments after I see one.

3 hrs movies transformed into kutti padam. One day cricket transformed to 20-20. Are we getting really busy or aren’t we managing time well??


One response to this post.

  1. You are right !! Arent we managing time properly ?

    But, I liked the idea of Kutti Padam. This can be telecasted in nights so that we could see the film and also not needed to sleep late night.


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