Happy days!!

Some moments are awesome especially when u have had no expectation. I had no clue a week ago, that i was going to live such golden moments this week.

I always thought arranged marriage was a pure gamble, i don’t take that thought back, but I get a feeling now I’ve won in the gamble. Divya is a surprise package in my life. I’ll treasure the first few minutes I spent with her, and cherish them for my life time.

She was extremely silent on 18th Aug, the first day we met. I had to unusually speak, to make her feel comfortable. She started speaking after a few minutes. She started the conversation like, “Neenga dhaana vara sonneenga!! enaku romba kovam varum, naan romba possessive”. We were talking about our expectations. Actually speaking we had very little expectations and were open to understand and adjust to each others’ expectations.

We spoke for about 30 minutes, of which she spoke very very little. We both agreed we are the right people to accompany each other for the rest of our lives, and informed our parents. We went to a hotel with our relatives, where we got another 20 minutes to speak. I could sense she was getting comfortable. We spent the next three days, talking very little over the phone.

Today was an awesome day!!! When I called her this morning, I thought we’ll speak for 10 to 15 minutes, like the last three days. She sounded extremely comfortable today, and for the first time she agreed I impressed her ;).. Inspite of today being a tough day for me at work, I had no mood to compromise talking to her. We spent about 1.5 hrs talking to each other over the phone (10.00 – 10.45, 4.30 – 5.15). We spoke about a lot of topics – family, friends, school, college, work and also some stuff she has promised she’ll not tell my mom ;).. (Oh yeah, I managed to complete my work as promised making the end of week good).

I guess, things will change between us as days pass by. We will be facing challenging times in personal and professional life. We will have loads of fun, share a lot of time with each other, visit places, fight etc. I’m praying we get closer in the years to come, with the same excitement as today being alive in both of us forever.


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