2 years in Yahoo!

June 26th marked the beginning of my third year in Y! as an employee. Its been a mental metamorphosis. Looking back at what I’ve learnt and what I’ve accomplished, I’m 80% satisfied. In the industry, I guess this is just a great number :).

The things I’ve enjoyed the most here:

1. Fresher’s party – that was fun. We guys got together after two years for a quick chat. It was great and touching.

2. Work – It has been great. I’ve worked on a wide range of technologies. The amount of discussions (and fight at times) shows the intensity of the work and the passion of my colleagues.

3. Team – It is pure luck I’ve landed in this team. It has grown from 4 to 14 in a couple of years. Proud to have played a role in the expansion (rather, a explosion). These guys are real techies, fun loving and very dynamic.

4. Hack days – The culture of hack days is very catchy. We get 24 hrs off our work every quarter to develop our idea to working product/prototype and demo it to the company. The energy level during this day is electrifying!! It happened this thurs/friday and 3 of us had a 36 continous non-sleep hours (and a lot of other Yahoo!s too).

5. Pride – the pride of working in Yahoo! is always thr

6. Of course, the number of t-shirts they give 😉

And out of context, photograph of my workplace:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats Venkat. Wishing many more prosperous years!


  2. Hearty Congrats man!.

    Hope u have grt fun in coming years too!. I miss you on this occasion 😦


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