Race – Movie review

Starring.. I am a kind of guy who says “thoda thoda hindi maalum hai!!”. Thanks to my friends who pulled me for this movie. An excellent movie based on betrayal. Aaaah! at the end of movie, you’ll notice just about every character betrays in the movie.
The story starts showing a lovely relationship between two brothers Saif and Akshay. The story grabs your attention when Akshay starts his first betrayal. A sharp unexpected turn in the movie every ten minutes keeps you in the edge of the seat for the entire 2 hours.

About the starring, the selections couldn’t have been better. Akshay with his humorous and cunning characters steals the attention. Saif with his stern and matured look, Anil kapoor with his assistant entertain in the second half. Bipasha and Katrina, woooooooooow, as usual!! :). Songs are rocking and I am pretty sure DJs are going to add these to the party playlists.

In short, a must watch entertainer.


One response to this post.

  1. It’s the typical “Abbas-Mastan” Duo flick. They do swapping of things in their every flick 😉

    I watched this movie long back, and I was predicting the things much earlier than my colleague(s). I was successful just because I watched all their ( Abbas and Mastan ) earlier flicks. Also, after the movie I felt like meeting this two and congratulate them 😉

    Most importantly, I had decided not to watch movies coming from this Duo Directors here on. Ofcourse, if they make movies individually I would watch, hoping no swapping would happen in that flick 😉


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