Billmonk – nice software to handle shared bills

I live with my three roomies and hence have a lot of shared expenses.. its been difficult tracking them.. Satyendra introduced Billmonk ( to us a few months ago and it has saved us a lot of paper work (and yeah we have turned green ;))..

There are few alternatives to billmonk like buxfer.. We haven’t done a technical evaluation of billmonk against buxfer ( or any other softwares.. But we have nothing much to complain about billmonk.. One thing though, If billmonk helps me track my personal expenses as well, it would just be perfect.. And of course, a mobile app for the same would go a long way


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  1. Hi,

    If you are looking for a light alternative to Billmonk, you may want to have a look to
    No registration needed, you start entering your bills right from the home page and split them among your friends.
    Short Reckonings is not an “I Owe You” tool, but is more a debt reconcile calculator.
    It can be used as a complement to Billmonk and other IOU sites, especially when everybody involved in the bills is Billmonk users and might not necessarily want to become part of yet another social network.
    It is the very first version, comments are more than welcome!



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