Anjadhey – Movie review

Naren and Vijayalakshmi in Anjadhey
Naren and Viji in Anjadhey
Friendly disclaimers:
1. If you dont know anything about tamil movies, please stay away :).
2. This is my first attempt to review a movie in written form, please excuse.
I happened to see this movie, Anjadhey, a couple of weeks ago. I was told the movie was great and the expectation was already set. This movie exceeded the high expectations I had. The movie ties together a story of friendship and the mystery of tracing a kidnap gang.
The screenplay was very neat and had twists in every reel. Hats off to the director for executing it so well. The climax is a feather on the beautiful cap.
And about the songs, ‘Kathaazha kannala’ is yet another ‘vaala meenukum’. But there is some magic in the song that keeps me humming it. ‘Kannadasan kaalapudi’ and the title song ‘Acham thavir’ are good to hear. Other songs, if any, were ok. (Actually, i dont remember the other songs). Thanks to Varulu for pointing out that the songs review is missing. This movie definitely needed a mention about the songs.
The tough part in a policeman’s life is shown very well. I am seeing this for the first time on screen.
About the actors:
The best choice is Prasanna. I am still wondering how the director chose to give a negative role to Prasanna who has been doing soft characters. His performance is extra ordinary with his catchy mannerisms. Pandyarajan has done a different role and has done it well.
Naren seems to be a fifty percent fit especially with his mallu accent, a little disturbing. Atleast some dubbing would have helped. Vijayalakshmi and his brother are just fine. M.S.Baskar does not have a big role, but has done his part well.
Something Interesting??
1. One of the gangster’s face (person with cleanly shaved head) is not shown till the end. Not sure who this is. May be some celebrity??
2. Kuruvi, hero’s friend, keeps talking to his wife. The wife’s face is not shown again.
In short, a must watch movie which brings to light some terrifying incidents happening around us with an excellent screenplay.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Ya… one of the good movie out this time…


  2. And you missed to review the songs… :). Two of the songs were very good.


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