World cup 2007 – My opinions

Note: Wrote this on April 1st ’07.

Being an ardent fan of cricket, i thought i’ll write a blog abt the world cup.. but never expected to write after such a worse exit of asian rivals india and pakistan..

Is the game taken too seriously?

I just get a feeling sports is taken too seriously in the asian countries, these days… 15 men worshipped like gods a week back and humiliated so badly later.. A coach being strangled to death… Isn’t cricket a sport anymore? Weren’t we taught “winning and losing is a part of game”? Though loss of the team is unexplainable, the reactions are even more unexplainable..

Schedule of the game

On another angle, the schedule of world cup 07 doesn’t seem to be great either.. In doesn’t account for mistakes that great teams can do… The result of the game depends completely on the day’s performance.. But world cup should be bagged by a team which is consistent.. The prelims design is in such a way, “a mistake and you are out of this prestigious tournament”… Isn’t that a knock out form of cricket? Another possible reason for this schedule may be that, ICC never expected the minnos to surprise the giants even once.. Lets look forward to the way these teams perform in super 8.. However, super 8 looks like it has become super 6..

Australia too dominant

Another problem with the game currently is, it is slowly become a one team show.. Aussies are showing supremacy in every form of the game.. Are they going to take the third consecutive world cup? If so, the world cup has a danger of just becoming a formality..

I am hoping SA or NZ takes this prestigious cup this time.. Actually, would be very happy if any team other than Australia wins the cup this time, and thus save the passion of the game.. Keeping my fingers crossed..


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