Valentine’s Day – Interesting facts

Note: Wrote this on feb 14 ’07

Valentines Day… 24 hr buzz around the world.. Usssh, are the Shivsenas around???

Read a few articles about valentines day and have composed a few facts i found interesting here…

Celebration around the world

Naughty love notes called ‘gaekkebrev’ are given, on which the sender signs his or her name in dots. If the receiver guesses the right name he will get a candy egg at Easter time.

Unmarried men and women write their names in a piece of paper. Chits are picked and the valentine is chosen.

Koreans celebrate with the traditional gift of candy from females to males on February 14. Men give their gifts to their beloved only after a month on ” white day”. This day many men confess their love for the first time to their sweethearts. Koreans have kept aside a special day as “Black day” on April 14, for people who did not receive anything for Valentines Day. On this day all singles eat Jajangmyun, a Chinese style noodles in black sauce together.

On this day men get expensive bouquet of roses and other flowers to their beloved. Number of roses in the bouquet, foretell a message to their sweetheart. According to the Taiwan tradition, one red rose means, ” my only love”, eleven rose mean, ” my favourite”, ninety-nine roses mean, ” love you forever”, and 108 roses means, “Marry me”.


Heart Symbol
The most common emoticon for the heart is . In Unicode, the heart symbol is U+2665, and it can thus be generated in HTML by typing HTML HTML by typing ♥ or ♥ or by the HTML entity ♥. Mathematically, a heart-shaped figure, called a cardoid, can be represented by plotting a graph of either (x2 + y2 − 1)3 = x2y3 or, in polar form, r = 1 − sin(θ)


Couples: Happy Valentines Day

Singles like me: Better luck next time ( Actually, we already have better luck 😉 )


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